Our Programs



At Cubby Care Early Learning Centre we believe that children learn best through play.  We provide children with opportunities to discover new things to allow them to make sense of the world they live in by being able to discover and experiment how things work for themselves.

The developmental programs in each of our rooms are designed around the National Early Learning Years Framework. We draw from the three key elements that are within the Framework our Principles, Practices and Learning Outcomes.  Together these elements are used to create learning programs that are reflective of our individual centre and the needs of our children and families. 

As part of our curriculum, we offer to all our children the exclusive Early Start Programs that enhances the Early Years Framwork.  This enhanced program includes specialist music and movement, sporting/physical activities and language classes. Each of these classes are age appropriate and delivered by fully trained and accredited external educators with a very strong focus on enhancing the learning objectives with children.   Please click on our program partners below for more information on individual programs.






Parent participation

Parent participation is a large part of our curriculum and we provide many opportunities for parents to seek feedback on their children’s progress by way of parent information evenings, program surveys, parent contribution stories, learning stories, children’s journals and verbal communication about each child’s day.


Our Aims

The aim of our programs is for each child to become independent, self confident and inquisitive learners who have the opportunity to learn at their own pace and to achieve the five Learning Outcomes from the Early Years Learning Framework, these are:

Children have a strong sense of identity.

  1. Children are connected with and contribute to their world.
  2. Children have a strong sense of wellbeing.
  3. Children are confident and involved learners.
  4. Children are effective communicators.

We strive to provide a program that meets the individual child and supports them on their lifelong learning journey.

National Quality Framework

Cubby Care follows the Early Years Learning Framework to ensure your child receives quality education programs in our centre. As all children learn and experience life differently, Cubby Care tries to tailor learning experiences to each child. However, our underlying principle is one of learning through play.


Early Start Programs

Early Start Programs optimises your child's growth. We have targeted 3 areas of specific development, namely music, health & fitness and languages. There has been many studies done to show how important all 3 of these areas are to a developing brain. As an example in music... 'Neuroscientists are discovering multiple ways that musical training improves the function and connectivity of different brain regions. Musical training increases brain volume and strengthens communication between brain areas. Playing an instrument changes how the brain interprets and integrates a wide range of sensory information, especially for those who start before age 7. These findings were presented at the Neuroscience 2013 conference in San Diego.'