Early Start Programs

Early Start Programs incorporates three main activities.



Music Mini Maestros offers fun and educational music classes for children, including babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, aged 6 months to 5 years of age. An Australian music program for pre-school kids, Mini Maestros will help children to foster an appreciation of music to last a lifetime.


The music classes enhance children's development while they are having fun. Singing, dancing, playing percussion instruments and musical games stimulate the children's creativity and imagination. Children participate in a carefully planned and sequential program. As well as introducing musical concepts such as beat, rhythm, dynamics, form and notation, our program develops the whole child by encouraging children's speech development, listening skills, social skills and physical skills.

For more detailed information please go to www.minimaestros.com.au



Health and Fitness

Health and Fitness Ready Steady Go Kids classes focus on a specific gross motor, hand-eye/foot-eye and/or balance activity to complement the sport component. Our program has a structure that is repeated each week so that participants become familiar and comfortable with the routine. Ready Steady Go Kids seeks to develop a lifelong passion for physical activity and sport, decrease childhood obesity, increase confidence and prepare children for participation in school and the broader community. Our program objectives are as follows:

  • To introduce preschoolers to a variety of sports in a structured, safe, inclusive and non-competitive environment.
  • Show preschoolers that sport and physical activity are fun.
  • Develop and enhance age-appropriate gross motor skills, coordination and correct posture.
  • Introduce and reinforce the importance of warm-up and stretching to help prevent injuries and proper hydration.
  • Teach the importance of good sportsmanship and teamwork.

For more detailed information please go to www.readysteadygokids.com.au




Language LCF FUN Languages allow your children to feel at ease in their new language learning environment while they play and interact with other kids, make new friends, widen their cultural horizons and get a head start for their future. Fun Languages' great team of teachers are specifically trained to:

Give children the self-confidence to communicate quickly and naturally in a foreign language.

  • Encourage a good accent and a wide, everyday vocabulary. •Show children that learning a language can be recreational and fun!
  • Encourage an understanding and awareness of a foreign culture.
  • Give your child the cognitive benefits of learning another language at a early age.

For more detailed information please go to www.lcfclubs.com.au